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Tips for Choosing the Right Office for Placement of Dental Implants.

If you’re considering dental implants, this post offers 4 valuable tips for choosing the right office.

The Dental & Implant Suite, located in Hurst, Texas, has become a popular choice for many patients who are replacing missing teeth with the most natural option possible.  Choosing the right office will make all the difference to the comfort and success of your implant procedure.  Here are four questions to ask before choosing an office that places dental implants.

The first question to ask an office about implant dentistry is how much experience they have in the procedure.  Although the success rates for this procedure are relatively high, it is important to find an office that has experience in placing and restoring dental implants.  When the procedure is done correctly, it will be difficult to distinguish the implant from the rest of the teeth.  At The Dental & Implant Suite, there is over 100 years of combined experience under one roof!

The next question to ask about dental implants is whether the dentist does a thorough screening process prior to the procedure. There are certain medical conditions that can lower the rates of success. These might include previous treatments like radiation therapy or current conditions like diabetes. It is important to find an office that screens patients carefully before performing dental implants. 

The third question to ask the office: Will the dentist place the dental implant(s) AND place the crown or denture that is supported by the implant(s).  Many practitioners refer their patients out to a separate office to have the implants placed, and then return to the referring doctor’s office to restore the implant(s).  Our implant patients at The Dental & Implant Suite really appreciate that they can have BOTH procedures done in our office.  They commonly state that it is convenient and it saves them time.

The final question to ask the implant dentist (office) is about how the procedure will work.  It is important to find a dentist for your treatment that will listen to your concerns, and answer any questions that you may have.  You will also want to find an office that is clean and comfortable, that also has a helpful and friendly team.  This will make the implant process much easier overall.  You will be seeing this office over a period of months before the treatment is completed, so it is important to feel comfortable there.

The Dental & Implant Suite can be the best path to a more beautiful smile. You may have some questions when reading this post.  If you would like to receive our FREE REPORT on the miracles of dental implants, click on, IMPLANTS, then FREE REPORT and fill out the form.  Or call our toll free RECORDED message at 866-860-3546 and leave a message.  Or, if you just can’t wait, please call the office directly at 817-571-2100.

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