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A Pitching Superstar’s Golf Swing

Here’s a series of screenshots from a video taken from my iPhone of Kevin Millwood’s (pitcher, MLB) golf swing. His ball flight was low that day and we were trying to figure out how to get the ball up. After reviewing the video, we noticed he was “sliding forward” alittle. After Kevin reviewed the video and the screenshots, he stated that it helped……..wooo hooo ! Check out the video below.



Golfing In The Cold and the Wind.

Here are a couple of videos from golfing in Austin on Christmas Eve. The temperature was about 45 degrees and the wind was gusting up to 45-50 mph ! At times we were hitting a 210 yard club 150 yards.

Check out this video….. now the wind is really blowing! Dr. Wesley Kubo…

Here’s another one; Tommy Blackmore really trying to concentrate.

Tell me about your experience with golfing in adverse conditions.